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World Sound Bath Vision Journeys at Sound Healing A Healing Magic Carpet Ride of Sounds and Visions

With my ever-growing collection of healing world instruments my sound baths have now expanded into world sound bath vision journeys. As many of you may know, I was a ballet dancer and teacher. I owned a school of Ballet and Modern dance, and company, for over 16 years.  Dance creates visions and stories through movement and music. Although I didn’t necessarily realize it as I was adding to my instrument inventory, I had been creating choreographed vignettes of sound to create specific visions. These instruments and sounds are from cultures all over the world, and by combining them they create magical world-vision journeys through healing sounds. One of the techniques I like using is layering sounds by playing two or more instruments at once, which isn’t always easy to do since I only have two hands. Sometimes I imagine I am two people, my clients keep saying that they can’t understand how I am playing so many sounds at once and seem to be all over the room. These layers of sound create more healing frequencies and visions. In addition, your body will pick up the frequencies it needs. Here is a sample of some of where your visions may take you during my Magical Sound Bath World Vision Journey:

An ethereal journey of sound evoking beautiful visions of places, animals, beings, and magical worlds of bliss and harmony. As your brainwave state lowers you will relax and slip into a deep meditative journey beginning in an idyllic garden feeling peace and unconditional love as your worries and concerns melt away. You will hear the sounds of water flowing, birds chirping, the leaves on the trees rustling in the wind, and a thunderstorm erupting. You will enter an untouched ancient forest and hear the voices of its hidden creatures and the trees speaking to each other. You will take flight on the wings of a majestic bird. You will be transported to the seaside as you hear waves, nautical bells, dolphins, whales, and wind chimes blowing in the breeze. You will travel to the sacred temples of India, and more as the journey continues with over 65 amazing world sound healing instruments including quartz crystal singing bowls and so many more ancient and modern healing instruments from cultures and countries all over the world including Egypt, Peru, India, Nepal, Tibet, Japan, China, Africa, Bali, Burma, Thailand, Germany, Chili, Native American, the Incas and more. This is not just your average sound bath but a creative world-vision journey of sound! Come take this heavenly magic carpet ride of sound only at Sound Healing.

The Sound Bath World Vision Journeys are available as part of my private single and two-person sessions. Sound Healing private sessions also include the amazing vibroacoustic bed with targeted frequencies and Psychoacoustic music.

Sound Bath World Vision Journeys are also available for private group sessions, and Full Moon and New Moon group events.

To see the schedule of events or book a private session please go to: or call 772-245-6515


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