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As Seen in Stuart Magazine

Sound Healing in the News

The word is getting out about the healing power of sound. Sound Healing and Barbara Spaulding RN are featured in the January 2021 issue of Stuart Magazine.
"The Power of Sound"  

Good Vibrations Article

Sound Healing in Stuart News Cover
Sound Healing page 1 in article about Healing with Vibroacoustics 2 of 2
Sound Healing page 1 in article about Healing with Vibroacoustics 1 of 2
Sound Healing in Stuart Article - Good Vibrations

Sound Baths In The News

Lately, Sound Healing is really beginning to be in the news. Sound Baths are being mentioned, in Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, Allure Magazine, Elle Magazine, and many other publications. Sound Baths, with trained Sound Healing Therapists, aren’t readily available everywhere yet. I am proud to have been offering Sound Healing/Therapy in this area for six years.  I hope to see many more people attend as the word gets out about how wonderful sound therapy is. Thank you to all of you for attending my private and group sound healing sessions and continuing to spread the word. Below are a few links to some of the articles I mentioned above and remember that each Sound Healer/ Therapist conducts their sound sessions in their own way according to their training and what instruments they prefer.  Training is very important and you can also check out my article about the importance of using a trained sound therapist at


Links to articles about Sound Baths:

Hutchinson Island Soul Blog Review Describes Their Experience at Sound Healing

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