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Review of Barbara Spaulding RN and Sound Healing by Hutch Island Soul

Barbara Spaulding, RN Sound Healer

When I first met Barbara a couple of years ago, I was trying to replicate the amazing feeling of peace and tranquillity I had experienced at a Sound Bath I recently attended. I found her website and set my appointment. Upon the completion of my initial visit, I felt so revitalized that I purchased a package of visits. I have introduced Barbara’s special gifts as well as her full moon meditations and group sessions including hypnosis to several over-stressed friends as well. It’s wonderful to hear their reactions to the sessions, which usually align with, “I’ve never slept so well in my life!”

Barbara’s methods were developed out of necessity. Before she retired from a long and distinguished career in nursing, she had been diagnosed with issues including fibromyalgia. Her symptoms became debilitating for her. She had to seek alternative medicine and practices to recover so she could get through day-to-day life. She was introduced to sound healing and expanded her knowledge of the practice to the point of what I describe as mastery.

Barbara utilizes a vibroacoustic treatment bed that expands your experience to a whole other level. The bed is made of memory foam with powerful low frequency transducers inside. It acts like a speaker sending healing low frequency vibrations throughout your body. It has been described as feeling like you’re floating on a cloud by some clients, and I agree. There is a musical soundtrack that accompanies the bed’s vibration that transports you to a place of healing and relaxation. I have never left Barbara’s without feeling fully relaxed and grounded.

When you participate in a group session, you’ll settle into a zero gravity lounge. I suggest you take advantage of the soft blankets and cover up (trust me, you’ll thank me later!) Once you float your chair into your optimal position, just close your eyes and enjoy the ride. The session begins with a mantra to protect then vocal toning. Some people don’t understand the value of vocal toning, but trust me, you’ll want to participate with vigor! When you get yourself into the right mindset and do vocal toning, you see colors, you feel your mind open up, and you feel your body click into a place you probably haven’t been for a long time. It clears your mind and is a wonderful feeling, which is what you need to start the session. You’ll then enjoy the sounds of Barbara’s amazing collection of instruments, from gongs that vibrate into your soul to an array of soothing sounds from chimes including water, Chinese, Koshi, bar and assorted wind chimes, bird sounds, specialized drums including Happi, Tongue, and ocean, a monochord, a metallophone, Reverie Harp, and of course, the quartz crystal singing bowls. These bowls reverberate deep into your soul and open up pathways to happiness.

Barbara’s Studio:

When you elect the private session, your experience is similar, but you are relaxed on the vibroacoustic bed in a lounging position (again, use the blanket, you’ll thank me!) while you experience a trip to an amazing place.

Barbara’s website does an excellent job describing her training and experience as well as educating you on the amazing benefits of sound healing.

Do yourself a favor and gift yourself an appointment to pure bliss at

Barbara can be reached at (772) 245-6515 or at She is located in the Stuart/Port Salerno area. I promise, you’ll be glad you took the time for yourself. Until next time…


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