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Fun Sound Healing Science Facts

In physics, the Law of Sympathetic Resonance states that a stronger more consistent frequency, or vibration, will cause a weaker, less consistent frequency to be entrained to its same frequency. An example of this is seen in a clock shop. All the clocks' pendulums are swaying back and forth in unison. When a new clock is brought in, in less than 24 hours, its’ pendulum will be entrained to sway to the exact same pace as the other ones.

Check out the video of metronomes quickly synchronizing, coupled oscillators:

We are held together by frequencies. Every cell, every organ, every drop of fluid in our bodies has its own frequency. When these frequencies or vibrations are out of tune we become unhealthy. Sound Therapy uses strong consistent frequencies to redress imbalances of the physical, psychological, and spiritual bodies. It helps the body do what it does best, heal itself by realigning on a cellular level.

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Sound Healing



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