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This is no ordinary Sound Bath! Barbara Spaulding RN BSN, Master Sound Healer, Clinical Sound Therapist, Hypnotist, and Sound Healing Therapy Practitioner Certification Teacher brings over a decade of training and Sound Therapy experience to each Sound Bath World Vision Journey and therapy session she performs. Barbara plays over 65 instruments from around the world at each session including Reverie Harp, monochord, Tanpura, Santoor, Sansula, Freenotes, quartz crystal singing bowls, metallophone, gongs, a variety of specialized drums, many chimes, and instruments from ancient cultures, and more. Even if you have attended other Sound Baths or meditations this one will be a magic carpet ride of world sounds and visions. No lying on the hard floor, each person comfortably lays in their own zero gravity lounge chair. As an additional bonus at the end, each person can sample the vibroacoustic sound bed which has been described as an "otherworldly" experience and offers many possibilities for targeted cymatic frequency therapy to improve specific conditions and psychoacoustic music to help you reach beneficial brainwave states. Since the studio is private there's only room for seven lucky people in each group. The music feels like it's being played just for you, each sound and vibration penetrates each cell in your body and entrains your brain into the most wonderful Alpha-Theta-Delta states of consciousness. All you have to do is relax and let the beautiful healing sounds, visions, and vibrations wash over you. So don’t wait, even if you have attended other sound healing groups or private sessions this one will be totally unique, and wonderful! 

Private sessions also include the amazing Vibroacoustic bed for the maximum Sound Therapy experience and benefits.

Call 772-245-6515 or book online now. Group events are listed on the Sound Healing Events page. 


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