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Sound Healing Therapy Certification Training Goes World Wide

 After more than a decade of practicing Sound Healing Therapy professionally, I have expanded my Sound Healing Practitioner Certification Program to reach students all over the world. There are now three options that make it easier for students who may or may not be able to travel to my studio to complete the program in person.

I have been fortunate to teach Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, other medical practitioners, Massage Therapists, Counselors and Therapists, Social Workers, Alternative Health Practitioners, Musicians and Performers, Palliative Care Practitioners, Hospice Volunteers, Caretakers of Autistic Children and Adults, Estheticians, Yoga Teachers, Herbalists, Wholistic Practitioners, and others who want to learn more about using Sound Healing Therapy to enrich and create changes in their life and the lives of others. I love teaching what I am passionate about and how to use it therapeutically and creatively. As an RN, my program is very science and research-based. In addition, I include how to incorporate and use Vibroacoustic therapy in your practice in combination with Sound Bath Therapy. Sound Healing Therapy and Sound Baths can utilize so much more than just the standard sound healing instruments you see being used by most people today, the possibilities are endless. Sound Therapy can be used for way more than just meditation. If you know the in-depth science of why and how sound heals you can actually help people to heal!


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