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Primordial, Haunting, and Beautiful Ancient Peruvian Instrument

Peruvian Water Vessel Whistles

 Created from clay and fashioned in the likeness of local wildlife or shamanic symbolism, the Peruvian whistling vessel is so much more than a decorative container for liquids or a unique instrument - it is a shamanic tool as well. Known as huaco silbadores in Spanish, these modern vessels are reproductions of those made by ancient, pre-Columbian peoples of the Andes. Archeological examples of these unique whistles date as far back as 500 BCE, with many of them being found in modern-day Peru.

At first, these unique sound-producing objects were thought to just be liquid containers, albeit ornate ones. For hundreds of years, anthropologists referred to them as such in museum collections. The majority of these whistling vessels were discovered interred as burial goods, likely as offerings for the afterlife - something that confirmed how sacred these objects truly were. The art and artistry that go into these vessels are thought to have transcended civilizations, as there are examples of both the Inca and Moche cultures of the Andes making and using these objects.

There are four pictured above. I have a medium-sized owl, a large large-sized wolf, a large McCaw, and a smaller warbling bird each of which has their unique sound. Played together they will sound like a night in the forest. These are hand-made in Peru by an artist who creates replicas of ancient Peruvian artifacts.

To experience these amazing instrument sounds book a private or group session with

Barbara Spaulding RN, Master Sound Healer at Sound Healing.

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