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Why is it Important to Use a Trained Sound Therapist


Barbara Spaulding RN, BSN, Master Sound Healer, Clinical Sound Therapist, Master Sound Healing Therapy Practitioner Trainer, Hypnotherapist


Recently I have noticed many healers calling themselves Sound Healers and incorporating singing bowls and other instruments into their practices. Some healers, spas, massage therapists, chiropractors, and more, also have vibroacoustic beds that they place you on with recorded music playing through it.  While you still may receive some therapeutic benefits from these practitioners, they don’t necessarily have the training to understand the science and true effects of what they are doing. Sound therapy affects your body, mind, and spirit in many ways. It is important to ask about the training of the individual that is treating you.


Sounds, frequency, and vibration do affect you on a cellular, emotional, and energetic level. Sound leaves an embedded pattern on every membrane ie. each cell, water molecule, and more. Sound can alter your brainwave states, entrain your cells to healthy or unhealthy frequencies, affect your respiration rate, heart rate, blood pressure, mood, increase the nitric oxide in your blood, tone the vagus nerve, and much more. Certain sounds when played together are dissonant or discordant and can have negative effects on you.  Many times these practitioners have no idea what sounds go together in a healing way. Instruments and music must also be played at a therapeutic volume level. Too loud it is dissonant and if too soft the energy is not enough to be therapeutic.  While sound therapy is not an invasive therapy method, it still has profound healing effects on the body and mind. If treatments are not done correctly a client can feel nauseated, experience headaches, disturbed sleep, digestive upsets, lack of energy, feel tense, anxious, stressed, irritated, nervous, lack focus, feel overstimulated, or depressed. You may not have any lasting ill effects from poorly delivered sound healing, but if you want the maximum benefits from sound treatments, you should look for a trained sound therapist.  


I am a licensed RN, with over 40 years of nursing experience, a Master Sound Healer, Clinical Sound Therapist, Master Sound Healing Therapy Practitioner Teacher/Trainer, and Hypnotist, with over a decade of Sound Therapy experience. I have over 250 hours of Sound Therapy training and certification from Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute. I  continued my studies with John Stuart Reid English acoustics engineer, scientist, and inventor of the Cymascope Pro, who has studied the world of sound for over 30 years investigating sound as a formative force and discovering why and how sound heals. I have been a practicing Sound Healing Therapist for over a decade and have helped hundreds of clients with varying conditions get well. I know the science behind the effects that certain sounds, instruments, frequencies, and music have on the body, mind/brain, emotions, and more. I have studied in depth the science behind what a treatment on the vibroacoustic bed and specific sound healing instruments do for your body, mind, and spirit. As an RN and a trained experienced Sound Therapist, I take a full intake history on each client and design a custom treatment plan specific to each client's needs. I know and understand the effects that each sound, frequency, binaural beat, or piece of music will have on each client. I choose my instruments, frequencies, and music for the maximum healing benefits for each individual's needs. Training can make a big difference in the results you experience from sound therapy. My first and only priority is to give you the most effective treatment possible.  I would be happy to design a customized treatment plan for you.

Ms. Spaulding is also a member of the Medical Sound Association working with Doctors, Scientists, Therapists, Sound Therapists, and more to standardize Sound Therapy treatments for use in hospitals and clinics throughout the world.

Call today to schedule your custom Sound Therapy session with Barbara Spaulding RN, Master Sound Healer, Clinical Sound Therapist, Hypnotist, and Master Sound Healing Therapy Practitioner Teacher/Trainer.


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