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Private Group Sound Bath

2 people $60 each, 3-5 people $55 each, 6-7 people $50 each.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • starting at $60 each
  • Southeast Rocky Point Way

Service Description

Group sessions are perfect for: Relieving stress and anxiety Meditating Lowering your bainwave state Increasing concentration Clearing negative thoughts and energy Removing stuck emotions Increasing productivity Helping with sleep Bringing in balance and clarity. Creating more Nitric Oxide in your blood which carries oxygen to all your cells Toning the Vagus Nerve. Significant life events such as birthdays, marriage, etc. Bonding with others A unique, loving, relaxing, and healing experience to share with friends, loved ones, and coworkers. The session will be customized for you and your group, using quartz crystal singing bowls, gong, monochord, Reverie Harp, tongue drums, ocean drums, chimes, and more sound healing instruments. Choose a world sound bath vision journey or a guided chakra balancing meditation, both of which can be customized for your group. Everyone lays comfortably in a zero gravity chair. 2 people $60 each 3 - 5 people $55 each 6 - 7 people $50 each ***** The 250 lb weight limit does not apply to this service since it does not include the sound bed which has a 250 lb limit. *Evening and weekend hours may be available by calling. *Person Minimum

Cancellation Policy

Bookings close 4 hours before session starts

Contact Details

  • Southeast Rocky Point Way, Stuart, Florida, USA



Sound Healing and any of its products do not diagnose, cure, prevent or treat physical or mental disease. It is not intended as a substitute for regular medical or psychiatric care. The information and offerings by Sound Healing have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organization. We can legally say the treatments do provide relaxation and stress relief, which has been shown to be an effective and possitive contributor to most issues emotionally and physically. You agree to take full responsiblity for any outcomes that may occur as a result of participating with any healing practice presented from our website or in our office. You also agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being and acknowledge that you may need to see a medical practitioner to assist you with some emotional and health issues that you are experiencing before, during or after using these techniques.

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