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World Sound Vision Journey Sound Baths at Sound Healing

What's a Chapaka? Chakapa- Shakapa ... A hand-held bunch of palm fronds tied together and used in the Amazon as both a rhythm and healing instrument. One of the most beautiful and peaceful sounds from nature is the wind blowing the leaves in the trees. The phenomenon is called Psithurism. I have recently put together a beautiful Chakapa of palm fronds from my backyard and am using it in my sound baths along with my other instruments. I also have acquired a small Peruvian Bell which has a beautiful soft tinkling sound that combined with the shaking of the Chakapa leaves makes a beautiful sound bath ending. I love peaceful endings that let you linger in bliss! I have had a month of extreme creativity adding yet more unusual world healing instruments to my sound baths. There are beautiful low-frequency Tibetan bowls, gorgeous Freenotes that sound as if you have been transported to Bali, a musical wooden pig/frog from Thailand, a new Buddhist temple chime, a new Chinese chime that combines tinkling bells and soft copper bars, and waiting for delivery from Cusco, Peru, a Peruvian water whistle vessel that makes an eerie haunting beautiful sound. My sound baths are becoming world sound vision journeys with beautiful healing instruments from around the globe. You can hear and experience all these new amazing sounds and all of my other beautiful sound healing instruments at a private or group session at Sound Healing. I can’t wait for you to hear and feel them in every cell of your body!

Why should you treat yourself and your loved ones to a sound healing session? Not only do you feel amazing but also below is what music and frequencies do to your body and why sound heals.

John Stuart Reid has made amazing discoveries through his research of sound frequencies using blood samples and more working with scientists and doctors and cutting-edge equipment. Below are some of his amazing finds:

Many of the biological mechanisms are activated by specific sound frequencies and by music, including:

  • Enhances nitric oxide (NO) production through active and passive acoustic stimulation of the nasal cavities and lungs by specific sound frequencies and music, resulting in a broad range of health benefits.

  • Nitric oxide production is essential for overall health because it allows blood, nutrients, and oxygen to travel to every part of your body effectively and efficiently.

  • Promotes pain mediation through stimulation of the body’s large A-beta fibers or A-alpha fibers in the area experiencing pain, thus causing the pain ‘gate’ to close. Also mediates pain by the ‘Descending Inhibition of Pain’ system, also referred to as the ‘top-down’ modulation of pain. Such effects can be initiated by music (or white noise) as a result of activating endogenous opioids.

  • The vagus nerve is stimulated via ‘sonopuncture’, particularly via the ears and voice, thus regulating internal organ functions, including digestion, heart rate, and respiratory rate, as well as promoting vasomotor activity and anti-inflammatory effects. Specific very low (sub-audible) frequencies may also be applied by full ear headphones, combined with music.

  • Increases the availability of oxygen binding to hemoglobin molecules by low-frequency sound pressure, thus breaking the pain-spasm-pain cycle or ‘splinting cycle’ by increasing the availability of oxygen to affected tissues.

  • Increases the availability of oxygen binding to hemoglobin molecules by low-frequency sound pressure, thus aiding tissue repair mechanisms.

  • Promotes stress reduction with a consequent reduction in blood pressure and cortisol levels, and induces a state of joy with a consequent increase in dopamine levels, leading to a proliferation of leukocytes, thus boosting immune system efficiency.

  • Stimulates the brain binaurally—by binaural beats—to create changes in brain state, with physiological benefits.

  • Stimulates cells that are ‘sleeping’ in the G0 phase, encouraging them to return to the normal cell cycle

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All private therapy sessions include the amazing Vibroacoustic Sound Bed (VAT) as well as over 35 varied Sound Healing instruments from around the world including quartz crystal singing bowls. Private appointments are filling fast so book your private session with Barbara Spaulding RN, BSN, Master Sound Healer, Clinical Sound Therapist, Sound Healing Therapy Practitioner Master Teacher/Trainer, and Hypnotist.

Sound Healing Therapy Practitioner Trainings, Group Sound Bath Sessions, Private Group Sound Baths, 2 Person Private Sound Healing Sessions with the Vibroacoustic Bed, and Custom Sound Baths are also available.

Gift certificates and discount packages are available.

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