Why Use a Trained Sound Therapist?

Why is it Important to Have a Trained Sound Therapist?

Recently I have noticed many healers calling themselves Sound Healers. Incorporating singing bowls and other instruments into their healing practices. Some healers, spas, massage therapists, chiropractors and more, have vibroacoustic beds. They buy CD’s online and play them for you. While you still may receive some therapeutic benefits from these practitioners, they don’t necessarily have the training to understand the science and true affects of what they are doing. Sound therapy affects your body, mind and spirit in many ways. It is important to ask about the training of the individual that is treating you.

Sounds, frequency, and vibration do affect you on a cellular and emotional level. Sound can alter your brainwave states, respirations, heart rate, blood pressure and much more. Certain sounds when played together are dissonant or discordant and can have negative affects on you. Many times these practitioners have no idea what sounds go together in a healing way. While sound therapy is not an invasive therapy method, it still has profound healing effects on the body and mind. If treatments are not done correctly a client can feel nauseated, have headaches, lack of energy, feel tense, irritated, nervous, lack focus, feel over stimulated, or depressed. Certain sounds and instruments are activating and others are calming. You may not have any lasting ill effects from poorly delivered sound healing, but if you want the maximum benefits from sound treatments, you should look for a trained sound therapist.

As an RN I understand many medical and psychological conditions as well as the anatomy and physiology of the body. As a trained sound therapist with certification from Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco, I know the science behind the affects that certain sounds, instruments, frequencies and music have on your body, mind, and emotions. The science behind what a treatment on the vibroacoustic bed does for your body. I take a full intake history on each client and design a custom treatment plan specific to each client's needs. I know and understand the effects that each sound, frequency, binaural beat or piece of music will have on each client. I choose my instruments, frequencies and music for the maximum healing benefits for each individuals needs. Training can make a big difference in the results you experience from sound therapy. My first and only priority is giving you the most effective treatment possible. I would be happy to design a customized treatment plan for you.

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