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Experience the maximum benefits of sound healing therapy and save money with a special discount package!  


Just Imagine:

  • Being able to experience pure bliss weekly or bi-weekly.  

  • Stress and anxiety melting away.

  • Chronic pain decreasing or gone.

  • Sleep coming easily and soundly.

  • Depression lifting naturally.

  • Increased clarity of mind.

  • Achieving deep relaxation and meditation with beautiful sound and healing vibrations while laying on a cloud.

  • An entire body massage including every cell vibrating with sound.  


These are just some of the wonderful health and wellness benefits of regular sound therapy.  Experience the maximum benefits for your body, mind, and spirit that regular sound therapy sessions provide.  The number of memberships sold each month is limited so don’t miss out.  Come enjoy!


I feel like I am floating like an Angel ”   Ted B.


Price List for Sound Therapy Sessions


Discount Packages

Prices per Session

  • 30- minute session: on the sound bed, music only after the first treatment: $50

  • 30 - minute bowl and sound immersion session with frequencies on the bed: $65

  • 30-minute Cymatherapy session after the first treatment: $50

  • 60- minute session with sound immersion, frequencies, and music on the sound bed: $85

  • 90 -minute session with sound immersion, frequencies, and music on the sound bed. $130

  • 90-minute Guided Chakra Balancing, private session with bowls and sound bed: $150

  • Root Frequency/ Soul Note/Home Note Assessment and Sound Bed Treatment: $85

  • Sound Healing and Hypnosis Session with Sound Bed starting at $250


Package Discounts

  • 4, 60-minute sessions: $320 (Regular cost $340, savings $20)

  • 6, 60-minute sessions: $450(Regular cost $510, savings $60)

  • 6, 30-minute sessions:  sound immersions sessions with frequencies on the bed (no music). $360 (Regular cost $390, savings $30)

  • 8, 60-minute sessions: $560 (Regular cost $680, savings $120)

  • 10, 60-minute sessions: $680 (Regular cost $850, savings $170)

  • 12, 60-minute sessions: $780 (Regular cost $1020, savings $240)

  • 2, 90-minute Guided Chakra Balancing sessions: $250, (Regular cost $300 savings $50)

  • 4, 90-minute Guided Chakra Balancing sessions: $480 (Regular cost $600 savings $120)

  • The Ultimate Healing Package 

1 Private Sound Healing and Hypnosis Session with Frequencies on the

   Sound Bed

1 Private 60 min Sound Healing session which Includes Sound Bed and Sound     Immersion Concert with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong, Chimes

   and more.
1 Private Hypnosis Session with Mary Youngblood
   $550 (regularly $635)


Call today to purchase your discounted package for yourself or someone you care about.


Sound Healing makes an incredible gift!


Call Barbara E. Spaulding RN, BSN, Clinical Sound Therapist, Master Sound Healer


Sound Healing

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