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Can Sound Healing Therapy Help You Stay Healthy During this Frightening Time?

Sound Healing Cymatherapy on the vibroacoustic bed works to restore the body’s healthy frequencies and boost the immune system by “cellular entrainment.”  Cymatherapy supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself by providing precise combinations of frequencies that are associated with healthy tissue and organ systems. The Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system. A Sound Healing Cymatheapy session with targeted “Respiratory System” frequencies can help keep your respiratory and immune system strong and healthy.

Sound Healing Therapy also induces the Relaxation Response which physiologically initiates the following changes:

• Reduces oxygen consumption 

• Decreases blood pressure

• Slows heart rate

• Slows respiration rate

• Relaxes muscles 

Mentally, deep relaxation:

• Changes brain wave frequencies (generally slowing down from beta to alpha and alpha to theta or delta)

• Clears the mind from anxiety

• Creates a feeling of calm and peacefulness

These relaxation response changes reduce stress and allow the body to heal itself by boosting the body’s immune health. Stress is the number one cause of illness.

Sound Healing is now offering a very special one hour vibroacoustic sound bed session with respiratory system frequencies, a sound bath concert with quartz crystal singing bowls, gong, drums, chimes, and more, and psychoacoustic music for



 ✹✹My studio is a private space that is not open to the public and all bedding and equipment is completely disinfected after each client.  Your health and safety is my first concern. I am and practice infection control procedures. 

Who wouldn’t love this right now?


Imagine lying on a vibrating cloud that is giving every cell of your body a tuning with healing frequencies and massage in stereo waves to beautiful music. Imagine feeling stress and tension melt away with a private live concert of magical instruments being played just for you. Imagine not only hearing beautiful music but also feeling every note and sound actually inside of your body! Vibrating and entraining every part of you inside and out: cells, muscles, tendons, organs, nerves, spinal cord, areas of the brain, and brainstem while boosting your immune system. The experience is incredibly healing and relaxing and can only be described as multidimensional. “Your body becomes the instrument and the bed is playing you.”


“ I feel like I am floating with the angels”   Ted B.

To learn more about these incredible Sound Healing sessions call 772-245-6515 or go to or  If you are ready to book now click here or call 772-245-6515.


Check out my newly reduced package prices!


In order to make multiple sessions more affordable, I have newly reduced package prices. Purchasing a package lets you experience the maximum benefits of sound healing therapy, through scheduled sessions at regular intervals. Give it a try and feel what a difference it will make in your life.  I will set up a custom treatment plan just for you!


Just Imagine:


  • Being able to experience pure bliss weekly or biweekly.  

  • Stress and anxiety melting away.

  • Chronic pain decreasing or gone.

  • Sleep comes easily and soundly.

  • Depression lifting naturally.

  • Increased clarity of mind.

  • Achieving deep relaxation and meditation with beautiful sound and healing vibrations while laying on a cloud.

  • An entire body massage including every cell vibrating with sound.  


These are just some of the wonderful health and wellness benefits of regular sound therapy. Many of you have told me that if you owned a vibroacoustic bed you would be on it every day. This is your opportunity to do the next best thing without owning your own sound bed. Experience the maximum benefits for your body, mind, and spirit that regular sound therapy sessions provide. The number of memberships sold each month is limited so don’t miss out.  Come enjoy!  



Package Discounts

  • 4, 60-minute sessions: $320 (Regular cost $340, savings $20)

  • 6, 60-minute sessions: $450(Regular cost $510, savings $60)

  • 6, 30-minute sessions:  sound immersions sessions with frequencies on the bed (no music). $360 (Regular cost $390, savings $30)

  • 8, 60-minute sessions: $560 (Regular cost $680, savings $120)

  • 10, 60-minute sessions: $680 (Regular cost $850, savings $170)

  • 12, 60-minute sessions: $780 (Regular cost $1020, savings $240)

  • 2, 90-minute Guided Chakra Balancing sessions: $250, (Regular cost $300 savings $50)

  • 4, 90-minute Guided Chakra Balancing sessions: $480 (Regular cost $600 savings $120)

  • The Trifecta Ultimate Healing Package:

1 Private Sound Healing and Hypnosis Session with Frequencies on the Sound Bed, 1  60-min Private Sound Healing session with Sound Immersion and Sound Bed, 1 Private Quantum Hypnosis Session with Mary Youngblood $550 (regularly $635)



Private Small Group Sessions


People have been asking about small group sessions with their friends and family.  What a great idea! Sound Healing is now offering private customized small group sessions at the studio.


Do you have a small group of friends, relatives, or coworkers who would enjoy a group sound healing meditation or concert? Looking for a unique activity to share?  Girls' day out together?  


Group sessions are perfect for meditating, clearing, relieving stress, anxiety, increasing productivity, bringing in balance, and clarity.  Perfect for significant life events such as marriage, birthdays, etc.   A unique loving, relaxing, and healing experience to share with friends and loved ones.  The session will be customized for you and your group, using quartz crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and all of my sound healing instruments. Choose a sound immersion concert or a guided chakra balancing meditation, both of which can be customized for your group.  


2 people $60 each

3 - 4 people $55 each

5 - 6 people $50 each

7 - 10 people  $45 each

Call to book your private group session today.

772-245-6515 or 518-538-1928


Barbara also offers Sound Immersion Experiences and Chakra Meditations with quartz singing bowls, for individual or group sessions at her therapy center in Palm City Florida. 



Barbara is willing to work with organizations to discuss their group needs and costs.



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Call to book your custom private or group session today.       


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Do you want a memorable party or event?

(Not available at this time)

Book a party or get together at Sound Healing.  A unique, loving, relaxing, and healing experience to share with your friends, loved ones, family, and coworkers. Your event will be customized for your group.  Parties up to 10 can be accommodated At Sound Healing.  More Than 10 in your group?  I can come to you! 

Call to book your custom private or group session today.